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About Us

At Cambridge, cultivating lasting strategic relationships is our number one priority.

Providing transactional and related advice to the industry for over 30 years.

We have been providing M&A advisory services to the wealth and asset management industry since 1989. In an industry whose assets are primarily people-related, we understand the importance of tailoring our advice to the unique needs and priorities of every individual client.

Cambridge’s partners each have extensive transactional experience working in this industry. The relationships they have built and their deep knowledge of the different segments of the market are shared to maximize the probability of success of each assignment. Whether advising a seller or buyer, Cambridge’s collegial and consultative approach to satisfying the client’s needs ensures that this collective history is harnessed for the benefit of each and every client.

We invite you to contact us at our office and speak with one of our partners about your strategic goals and how Cambridge can help you achieve them.