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Cambridge prides itself on the objective, conflict-free advice provided to clients. Our advice is untainted by investment activities and, as a member of FINRA, we follow the highest standards of compliance. Our experienced partners, who are also the owners of the firm, are fully engaged throughout the course of every assignment we undertake.

Sales & Divestitures

Each process is tailored to specific client objectives, with confidentiality always the highest priority. We leverage our deep relationships with buyers to ensure cultural and strategic fit and that our clients receive the best price and transaction terms possible. Our goal is to help create lasting partnerships that benefit our clients over the long term.


Whether our client’s search criteria are focused or broad, we use both our extensive contacts and proprietary database of wealth and asset managers to generate an opportunity set that maximizes the probability of success. We aim to provide our clients with access to firms that are not necessarily for sale but that are open to discussions, allowing a less pressured and more thoughtful exploration of the benefits of a combination.

Internal Equity Transitions

Cambridge understands the importance of aligning interests between founding principals and the “next generation.” We work with clients to establish effective internal equity transfer mechanisms that allow younger members to participate in the growing capital value of the firm.